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Acro Yoga

Love Evolution

Sept. 23 - 26,  Gitzenweiler-hof, Lindau on Constance Lake

SEPT  23-26   2021 



This festival is born from the desire of Ivana Silvestri and Salvatore Daniele (Salva) to gather a community of people who love what they do and love sharing it.
For us the word Yoga in AcroYoga is of paramount importance!

Yoga means Union and practicing AcroYoga we have the possibility to experience this Union as two bodies doing ONE practice, rather two practices put on top of each other.
We all know how it feels when your partner just moves with you and together you form an harmony and Union of movement that is blissful. When you reach this you get a glimpse of non-duality: you don't practice as two, you practice as ONE!

We would love to honour this feeling in any pose: it can be a bird, it can be a hand to hand or anything we will experience!​

With love and care, we selected a teachers' board that lives in the truth of the value that AcroYoga has beyond the mere physical practice and appearance.

We did not choose LOVE EVOLUTION as title by chance: we mean it!


  • recognised, international teachers

  • parallel workshops, with an all-level one always available

  • led jams to connect with other participants and teachers

  • a beginner-track: two workshops with an intelligent progression designed for newbies

  • a wonderful community and a warm welcoming environment

  • staying in a campground in a wonderful natural setting

  • possibilities in staying in your own tent as well as renting a camper van 

  • a large open air swimming pool at your disposal

  • animators for your kids

  • love, connection, playful time, support, family, challenges and much more! 



We pay our teachers to acknowledge their presence and experience!

Too often we have heard of teachers not getting paid for one or another reason and of differences in compensation that are hardly justifiable by experience only.

While we are sure that other festivals and conventions do their best to value their teachers,

we proudly state that our teachers 

are compensated with both a hourly rate and with a percentage of the total gains,

moreover their full expenses at the festival are also covered.


Every teacher is treated in the same way

because we value their presence as human beings and space holders!

(:   we like to call it "teacher's sustainability"   :) 

With great pride, here we are:


Screenshot 2021-07-27 at 13.11.42.png

Yoga, AcroYoga, Meditation and Life Coaching in Zürich and online!

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AcroYoga Global offers:

 - a free trial class to all the participants of AcroYoga Love Evolution. .

-  2 all-access 1 month passes to be drawn at the festival! 

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Hoops made just for you and much more in the filed of circus and acrobatic arts!



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